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Fixpine Pedicle Screw System


Spinal Fixation System

  • 6.0mm Rod system

  • LOW-PROFILE Pedicle Screw<

  • Buttress Thread Set Screw

  • Various Types of Screw - Mono, Poly, Reduction, Cannulated

Buttress Thread Set Screw

HUVEXEL’s Buttress thread type minimizes the spreading forces during tightening of the set screw unlike similar competitive implants that use a standard thread type and outer cap or nut to decrease spreading forces of the implant head.


Strong enough without outer cap or nuts
Butress thread minimizes spreading forces.

Various Screw Selection

FIXPINE, Spinal internal fixation system offers screws in various types, diameters and lengths. Based on patient requirements and surgical indications, the surgeon can choose the most appropriate construct desired.

Monoaxial Pedicle screwMonoaxial Pedicle Screw
Polyaxial Pedicle screwMonoaxial Reduction Screw
Cannulated Polyaxial Pedicle ScrewCannulated Polyaxial Pedicle Screw
Monoaxial Reduction Pedicle screwPolyaxial Reduction Screw
Polyaxial Reduction Pedicle screwCannulated Polyaxial Reduction Screw
Cannulated Polyaxial Reduction Pedicle screwCannulated Polyaxial Reduction Pedicle screw

Polyaxial Spinal Screw

The Polyaxial Spinal Screw has an angle variability up to 40 degrees. The screw head can be flexed to and desirable position by a set screw so that repositioning can be performed with a fixed screw head.


Long Arm Screw Head

Correction and stabilization of difficult anatomical deformities, encountered in higher grades of spondylolisthesis and other such deformities is facilitated with this system.
The Long Arm Screw Head promotes a more controlled and gradual anatomical reduction of these deformities.
The head design also allows smooth insertion of the set screws, and easy break-away tabs.


This product is medical device, Please see the IFU (instruction for use) before using.

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